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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Blue Lights Working Again!

After placing some larger rocks and some boulders in the Lynch River I went to work on the offending Tortoise switch machine.

This required getting under the layout and removing the switch machine.  Luckily it was accessible.  However once removed I had  to remove the soldered on wires.  (I didn't use edge connectors when installing the Tortoises.)  The process of removing the wires required a clamp to hold the switch machine while I removed a wire.  Then removing the clamp holding the switch machine to get the switch machine out of the way and another clamp to hold the edge connector (I am now using edge connectors on all replacement Tortoises) while I soldered this wire to it.  Then repeat seven more times.  Total time was slightly over one hour.

This was a good break point and lunch was served.

Re-installing the Tortoise was a different matter.  Getting the throw rod back into the throw bar hole required the assistance of the CEO.  But luck was with us and in less than ten minutes we had the Tortoise back in place.  Turning on the layout all of the switch position lights were working.  Success!

Next I moved back to Lynch River and installed some turf to represent plant growth.  Next will come some tree trunks and some Golden Olive paint to represent even more growth in the river bed.

Then it was back into the workshop to see if I could fix the just removed Tortoise.  This was the third Tortoise I have had fail due to the contacts coming off the throw bar mechanism.  I opened the case and removed the throw bar mechanism.  I then used to Gorilla glue to re-attach the electrical contacts to the throw bar mechanism.  I will see tomorrow if this glue will hold and if so if the repaired Tortoise is ready to assume its duties as a spare.

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