Easton & Potomac trackage - red lines

Sunday, February 18, 2018

153rd Session

The 153rd session has been run and photos from it have been posted (along with an updated seniority list) to www.easton-and-potomac.com.

This session was the second using the new schedule and the first with most of the engines having keep alives installed.

The new session has proven to be a great success.  It has shorten the session by about an hour.  It has allowed the Broadway Turn to run in a reasonable amount of time.  And it has kept the passenger trains pretty much on schedule.

The keep alives helped with the sporadic electrical contact issues.  But more tweaking may be needed before everything is running where I would like it.

Now on the the 154th session who's Crew Boards have also been posted to www.easton-and-potomac.com.