Easton & Potomac trackage - red lines

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Back To Nature

After a couple of months working on background buildings for Thorny Point it was time to get back to nature.

So into the train room it is and on to finishing Lynch River and Moormans River.

The first step is to paint the river bed black.  Doing this allows you to get away with less rock material to give the illusion of depth.

Lynch River (pictured below) will be a slow moving river with a brown rock bed and muddy water.

Moormans River (pictured below) will be a faster moving river with a gray rock bed and clear water.

(On the Thorny Point building note, NAME THESE BUSINESSES is still active.  I have received some suggestions but need many more.  So vote early and vote often.  If you can't come up with names for all eleven then provide suggestions for what you can.  Any help is appreciated.  And remember the time frame is 1928.)