Easton & Potomac trackage - red lines

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Still no Envirotex

Once again today I didn't get to the Envirotex.

Instead I installed all of the remaining Reindeer Moss I had to the bottom edge of the two peninsular corners and up the helix hill between the tunnel portals and Hood .  I need another bag to finish so I can apply some flocking.

I also installed the Hood platform between the rails on the mainline between the station and the parking lot.  I then cut some more wood for the platform between the mainline and the parking lot.  And while doing that I cut some wood for some scenic ties.  These will go just beyond the signal bridge along with some rail and other trash.

And then I installed a couple of whistle signs for the road at the end of the peninsular.

And finally I installed the White Hall yard limit signs.  Now the yardmasters will know where their authority ends!

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