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Monday, September 24, 2012

Back To Trees

Today was an OK day for trees so I ventured outside and managed to get all of the trunks painted.  Tomorrow I hope to get the branches painted (the branches get painted flat black) and some of them flocked.

For this batch I am doing 50 with light gray trunks and Noch NH07151 light green leaves, 50 with dark gray trunks and Noch NH07150 olive green leaves, 100 with light gray trunks and Scenic Express EX811 spring green flocking and the remainder (about 200) with light gray trunks and Scenic Express EX806 light green flocking.  The paint I used for the light gray is the cheap spray gray primer from WalMart.  For the black I use the cheap spray black from WalMart.

If all goes well Wednesday will also be a tree day and maybe I will even be able to wrap up this batch.  But that might be wishful thinking.

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