Easton & Potomac trackage - red lines

Monday, December 8, 2014

Two Pours

Today I had planned to get the first of two Envirotex pours done in the Bonnie Brook area.  But a couple of hours after the first pour, everything looked good and the Envirotex seemed to have stopped flowing from the upper level so I decided to go ahead with the second pour.  Tomorrow I hope to get the track back in place, the guard rails cut and painted, the missing ties (at each end of the trestle) in place and painted and finally the ballast touched up and weathered.

In between Envirotex pours I was able to get the Jordan kits painted and ready for their final assembly.  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to finished them also.

To see the current state of the Bonnie Brook area go to www.easton-and-potomac.com.

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