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Friday, November 28, 2014

Bonnie Brook Area

First I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  I know I did and I know I ate too much.

Wednesday morning I was able to get some rocks placed in the Bonnie Brook.  These are visible in the construction photo posted to the website today.

Today I applied some "Living" blend static grass to the Bonnie Brook trestle area and around the Hopkins Spring water tower base.  (I have three blends of static grass, Living, Dying and Dead.)  Tomorrow I will apply the "Dying" blend of static grass to the Bonnie Brook trestle area.

Today I also stained enough wood to provide guard timbers for all of the bridges.  Before I put back the Bonnie Brook trestle I will install the guard timbers and then paint the track with my standard track paint.  Once the trestle goes back in place I will be able to pour the Envirotex for the Bonnie Brook.  This should bring the scenery up to the Hopkins Spring water tank.

To see a picture of today's progress go to www.easton-and-potomac.com.

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