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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Timetable #22

The next OPS session, number 119 scheduled for July 19th, will be run using timetable #22 replacing timetable #21.  There are quite a few changes between timetable #21 and #22 all of which are listed below.

  1. The biggest change to the timetable is to eliminate an error which has existed since the first one.  In all of the timetables up to now the mail express was at jeopardy of not being the highest priority train if it met an east bound first class train while it was traveling west bound.  To correct this all second class trains have been demoted to third class trains and all first class trains have been demoted to second class trains with the exception of the mail express which remains the only first class train.
  2. The next biggest change also has to do with the mail express.  Up to now the mail express has been train #5 out and back to White Hall.  Starting with timetable #22 the mail express is now four different trains; #2 - from White Hall to Broadway, #3 - from Broadway to Swift Run, #4 - from Swift Run to Stanley and #5 - from Stanley to White Hall.  The Train Order system has been updated to reflect this and provide the necessary clearances.
  3. The third change moves the White Hall departure time of #30 ahead of the departure time of #2 (mail express).  This was done to try and give #30 more work time in Furnace and Stanley and hopefully allow it to be ready for its meet with #4 (mail express) in Stanley.  This meet has routinely been an issue.
  4. The fourth change eliminates Flat Top station stops for trains #10, #11, #31 and #20.  Associated with this change is the elimination of the meet between #31 and the mail express in Hood.  The only scheduled meets in timetable #22 are between #110 and #11 at Hood and #13 and #4 at Stanley.
  5. The fifth change moves the Swift Run departure time #121 before the Swift Run departure time of #131.  This routinely happens and making this change will eliminate the need for orders to allow #121 to precede #131 between Swift Run and White Hall.
  6. The sixth change eliminates station times for any train that does not have a stop at that corresponding station.  This should give the train crews more flexibility with their schedule while not reducing the dispatcher's ability to control matters.
  7. The seventh change was to update some of the Layout Room Procedures, Train Operation Procedures and the Timetable Notes.
I have also provided a new document that gives a step-by-step minute-by-minute guide to the Hood operator position.

In conjunction with these changes I have updated the website to move the Session Instructions to the Operations sidebar available on most every screen.

The new timetable and associated documents have been posted to www.easton-and-potomac.com.

I have also been in email conservations with Steve King about the orders for the Broadway and Hood turns.  Let me just say they got a lot more complex.  I don't know if the Train Order system will be updated to handle these orders by the 19th or not.  If not I will provide sample orders for the dispatcher to use.

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