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Monday, May 28, 2018

I Finally Got Around To It

I finally got around to pouring the Envirotex into the Lynch River test beds.  And several things were learned.

First thing learned, I used three drops (more or less) of brown dye in the Envirotex and that turned out to be too dark.

Second thing learned, what I thought would look the best for grass in the river bed turned out to not be true.  I thought the static grass would give the best result but it turns out the Woodland Scenics Turf Weeds T46 did a better job.  But the Golden Olive and Olive Green paints may actually be better than the Weeds T46.

Third thing learned, the sand gives a very good effect for the river bottom as a contrast to the Brown Fine and Coarse Dark talus.

In possession of this  new knowledge I have prepared two more test beds and will pour one with Envirotex tinted with two drops (more or less) and one with Envirotex tinted with one drop (more or less).

If one of these pours produces an acceptable result then I will go to work on the actual Lynch River bed.

In the picture below the static grass is in the center of the picture on the left and right.  The turf is between the static grasses.  The Golden Olive and Olive Green paints are at the top left just below the rocks.

In the picture below you can see the sand effect inside the rocks and the turf effect on the left just to the right of the rocks.

If you go to the blog on the internet at http://eastonpotomac.blogspot.com/ you can enlarge both of these pictures for better viewing.

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