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Thursday, April 19, 2018


It always amazes me what you learn from this hobby.

After finishing the background buildings in Thorny Point my emphasis has turned to getting the mainline scenery completed.  What is left to be done is the farm between Flat Top and Hood, the Lynch River, the Moormans River and surrounding areas and county road 104.

So yesterday I started painting cows for the farm.  I decided to use Holstein cows.  Holsteins come in black and white and brown and white.  I decided to go with brown and white since I had some history with these.  (My grandfather on my father's side had a farm and he had brown and white cows.)

I looked up some pictures on the internet and got a feeling for how to paint them.

Up to the workshop and cows were painted.

Then Marlene came home with a Holstein cow.  (A plastic one.  Not a real one.)  Does anyone know what is wrong with the cows pictured above?

Basically these cows are negatives of what Holsteins should look like.  Holsteins should be predominately white with brown highlights.  Their belly is always white.  And if there is white and brown on their head, the white is always in the center.

Not wanting to get into trouble with the FDA, EPA, Greenpeace or Peta or any other similar group, I decided to not go with my GMO cows.

So back up to the workshop to paint cows.

The picture below are the same cows but with the genetic modifications removed.

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