Easton & Potomac trackage - red lines

Saturday, May 31, 2014

No Deforestation Yet

As of this writing no trees have hit the ground in the "house on the hill" vicinity.

But three more irons have been added to the fire.

There is a continuous shortage of FMs (flat cars) and many businesses have to wait extended periods to receive one.  Looking at my inventory I found three Roundhouse flats in a 3in1 kit.  So I located the box and started working on getting them ready for service.  They are easy kits and I was able to get them assembled in a couple of hours.  They are currently in the paint shop where they will remain until at least Sunday.  After the paint shop they will be ready for lettering and then for service.

The only other progress made today was on the ACL VM box car.  I got the side sheating on so tomorrow this car will be in the same state as the Central Valley cars.  The next step is to paint the trim before installing, install the truss rods on the Central Valley cars and install the under carriage on the ACL car.  That is the goal for Sunday.

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