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Friday, April 25, 2014

Project Progress

While there hasn't been a lot of posting lately there still has been quite a bit of progress.

The picture below shows most of the projects currently underway and their current state.  The projects are the farm wagon, the Packard truck, the Mack truck, the general store for Hood and the out houses.

And one other project was an improved dispatcher's board.  The current board was a sheet of legal paper with paper markers.  Before each session I had to turn most of the markers right side up and the stability of the board and markers was less than satisfactory.  The last two sessions I attended at Keith Pritchard's I manned the dispatcher's position.  Keith was using a magnetic board with magnetic markers and that looked like a good idea.  (I had actually been wanting to do this and had been trying to construct a custom board.  But Keith Pritchard was using what looked like a commercial product that looked like it would fill the bill nicely.)  A quick search on the internet located the board at Target for about $8.00.  I purchased the board and today got 10 feet or 1/2" magnetic adhesive tape from Michaels for $3.00.  The result of all of this can been seen on www.easton-and-potomac.com.

Current state of five projects currently underway.

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