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Friday, April 11, 2014

Lots Of Projects Today

While my main effort today was directed at scenery in Hood I was able to wrap up some other projects as well.

First the fleet of fish belly box cars was completed (along with one additional E&PSL box car) and all have been placed on the layout.  The fish belly cars are on the C&O interchange pictured below.  And the E&PSL car is on the storage track in White Hall.  There are eight pending requests for box cars.  This addition of six plus two MTs coming from the C&O interchange will allow us to fill all of the pending requests for box cars during the next session.

New fish belly box cars on the C&O interchange.

Another project that got finished between scenery efforts was the installation of the steps to the bunk houses in Stanley and Broadway.  I need to get one more stove pipe and install the glazing in the windows then these will be done.

The Stanley and Broadway bunkhouses with their steps installed.

The picture below is some zip texturing under the Hood water tank.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to start applying the static grass and then on Sunday plant some bushes.

Zip texturing under the Hood water tank.

The last scenery effort today was to define the forest area in Hood.  To see this go to www.easton-and-potomac.com.

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