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Monday, October 8, 2012

Envirotex Update

Yes I actually got to the Envirotex today.

The first phase was to mix some samples to determine what might look best.  I had some green, blue and brown dye to work with.  So I poured some clear, green, blue, brown, green+blue, green+brown and brown+blue samples into paper cups that had been painted black.  (I used about three drops of dye in each sample.)  This I hope will give a good approximation to what this stuff will look like once poured into the ditches that are also painted black.  I left the wood stirrers in the mixture to aid in determining how dense the coloring is.

Below is a picture of all of the samples. 

From left to right in the center are blue, brown, green and clear. Below the center row are left to right blue+brown and green+brown. And above the center row is the green+blue.

The blue is very intense and if I use it I will need to tone it down quite a bit.  I think the brown, green and green+brown have possibilities.

Tomorrow I will check and see if this stuff has setup and if so I will then cut the cups down to the surface of the Envirotex for a better approximation of the actual look.

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