Easton & Potomac trackage - red lines

Monday, August 6, 2012

Maintenance Day

And you guessed it I could not recreate most of the reported problems.  I even ran the passenger train backwards all the way from White Hall to Thorny Point without any problems.  (Both the tender and the observation car were derailing at the last session.)  I did loosen up the rear truck of the tender so maybe that was the issue there.  As for the observation car I found no issues and could not recreate its derailing problem.  I did find a clearance issue or two that will need to be corrected at sometime.  But since this clearance issue is really only a problem when the passenger cars are run in reverse through Flat Top and Hood it will not be a priority.

After tackling the issues from the last session I touched up the yellow on the ground throws which is use to indicate they are in a reverse position.  I then reattached a station sign to the Lacey Spring station.  And that pretty much wraps up the maintenance for now.

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